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As a rule I don’t generally hate people. I hate their beliefs, I hate when they say moronic asinine things, but I don’t hate individuals. There is something about Santorum that’s pushing my limits. I won’t hate him though, because if I hated him, I’d have to hate the millions of people that support his way of thinking, including many of my friends and family.

This man is sickening. To call him a misogynist is an understatement. His hatred of women, and that’s exactly what it is, no matter how we try to word it, is nauseating. In America, in 2012 there is a war on women that is unparalleled to any I’ve ever seen, and I’m a little older than some of you on here. Don’t get me wrong, this is nothing new, as women’s right groups have never been able to stop fighting. What is most shocking to me is the very loud voice our politicians have about the sexual and reproductive rights of women. How dare they attempt to govern our bodies!

If Rick Santorum was a stand alone nut-job it would be upsetting but manageable. Terrifyingly he’s not alone and many in positions to make real changes that will impact our lives look and sound just like Santorum. Am I the only one not just outraged but more than a little scared?

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I just followed this guy on twitter and am preparing to offer up a bitchy and witty response to every damn tweet he sends out.

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    I just followed this guy on twitter and am preparing to offer up a bitchy and witty response to every damn tweet he...
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    Personally, I’m horrified, scared, and honestly just sad to realise that there are so many people (some of them,...
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